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The Serge Kreutz diet

By Serge Kreutz (2010)

An important aspect of the Serge Kreutz diet is the control of protein consumption.

If one mentions protein, most people think meat. Wrongly so.

While it is true that lean meat is high in protein, many plants we eat are, too.

Anyway, animals are not capable to synthesize amino acids from their molecular sources. Only plants can.

So all amino acids from which animals, including humans, synthesize their proteins ultimately come from digesting plants.

Even though I advise against dietary protein overload (more than 100 gram), I fully accept the necessity of proteins in the human diet.

Furthermore, there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a good share of one's daily protein from animal sources.

But because most of the plant foods one ingests also contain protein, one will have to avoid protein-rich vegetables in order to justify some meat in the diet, if one wants to stay below 100 grams of protein a day, as I recommend.

But the reason why I advocate the inclusion of food of animal sources in the human diet actually is not the protein.

Most food we eat suppresses levels of the hormone testosterone circulating in our bodies (this is referred to as postprandial testosterone decrease)... except if a meal contains a good amount of fat from animal sources.

Furthermore, the synthesis of hormones, from DHEA to testosterone is based on cholesterol, which is part only of animal fats, never of fats from plant sources.

Sure, the ingestion of animal fat has been

associated with an increased probability of coronary heart disease at a younger age (below the age of 70 or so).

But being alive is not a value in itself. Being alive only makes sense if we can experience those moments of ultimate sexual pleasure. And because these moments are testosterone- dependent in both men and women, and because the ingestion of animal fat supports youthful testosterone levels, I would say: never mind the increased risk for heart attacks.

We all will eventually die of something, and that ingesting animal fat increases the likelihood of death from a heart attack speaks in its favor, rather than against it.

After all, dying of a heart attack (apart from organ failure during one's sleep) still ranks among the more preferable exit options.

So, don't worry! Eat fat meat, butter, and cream. (per)

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Copyright Serge Kreutz